Mango & Macadamia on dark chocolate

Young Artists Debut

The whole family gets involved in creating the artwork for products, including Teresa's teenage kids.

Teresa is Food Developer and Graphic Designer for The Gourmet Entertainer.

Her son is an illustrator using a Japanese fude pen.

Her daughter is a water colour artist.

Son's Artwork

Fennel Masala jam

The Perfect Recipe

In 2013 The Gourmet Entertainer was born with a range of individually crafted small batch unique bold condiments. The Gourmet Entertainer sourced ingredients from South Australian regions and went direct to farmer for fresh produce.

Signature condiment, Fennel Masala Jam, was built from scratch. Through 5 years of in-house perfecting to achieve the ultimate flavour profile and to exceed consumer experience & expectation. The tasting experience is nuanced and layered, the product perfectly thick and malleable for a variety of applications, and has a 3 year shelf life. All of this without the addition of preservatives or nasties.

Signature Product

vanuatu kava


Teresa spent some of her formative years living in Vanuatu (located in The Pacific) on a remote island mission station. She and her sister played with the local kids, immersed in the culture and learning the languages.

In her adulthood she returned and reconnected with her childhood friends, and remembered the importance of culture and ritual. She now supplies Vanuatu kava to Ni-Vanuatu living in Australia. She has also aligned with charity Food For Life to raise money for essential resources for Vanuatu. 10% of every retail online sale of kava is donated to the charity.

Purchase and Donate

DrinkFood Food For Gin

Global Recognition

My Love apple is a red fleshed apple grown in Australia. It is high in antioxidants and in particular Anthocyanin, which is beneficial for cognition, heart health, and blood sugar moderation.

Teresa has won globally recognised award Product of the Year 2024 for Dried Fruit Category (as voted by 1000 people in the Nielson IQ Innovation Survey). Her DrinkFood 10g Food For Gin won for Innovation, Price, and Design.

DrinkFood contains My Love apple and a selection of Australian seasonal citrus including Mandarin, Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Orange, Lime, Lemon. The pack is designed to be "Gin Food for One" with fruit for an evening enjoying gin and the slices of dried fruit garnish.

Global Winner